Friday, 1 February 2013

Global Trends and Consumption Demographics in Soft and Hot Drinks

London, February, 2013 - "In contrast to tea, coffee is seen as indulgent worldwide; it is the second-most important consumer trend , behind personal space & time. Rising world coffee prices have contributed to this sense of indulgence and coffee's popularity has been boosted by the coffee shop phenomenon.” 

This essential industry study offers a fresh look at consumers soft and hot drink consumption habits, allowing marketers to understand consumption patterns. This presents unique opportunities to effectively target new consumer groups, behaviours and trends based on actual empirical data in the soft and hot drinks market across 10 core countries. 

Did you know? That woman consume more soft drinks than men in China. Better direct your strategy with the latest industry intelligence. 

  • The stereotypical perception of soft drinks consumers is that they have a younger profile; however, older consumers volume share of global consumption is almost 2 percentage points higher that their share of the population, which shows that older consumers are less drawn to alcoholic drinks and hot drinks than imagined.  
  • Better value for money is important to older consumers, while the quality seeking consumer trend ranks lower among older consumers than overall, which makes older consumers the most important drinkers of private label products.    
  • Older consumers are particularly important due to increasing life expectancy worldwide: they are already the largest consumer group in the non-BRIC region, and in particular are gaining in importance in China as a result of the country's restrictive child policy.  

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